Cat cafe revisited

In many big cities in Asia pets are not as frequently kept as they are in other parts of the world. In order to give people the opportunity to enjoy the company of pets, or at least cats, so called cat cafés have been set up. In these people get to interact with cats of all types and colors while enjoying a drink. There are some smile rules to be followed such as no pulling, no disturbing of sleeping or eating cats and no feeding (apart from the special cat treats sold on the premises. Photography (without flash) is permitted. So I am proud to present the result of my visit to my third cat café!

Koreazomer2015-923 Koreazomer2015-961Koreazomer2015-865Koreazomer2015-949Koreazomer2015-786 Koreazomer2015-795 Koreazomer2015-800 Koreazomer2015-804 Koreazomer2015-811 Koreazomer2015-830 Koreazomer2015-844 Koreazomer2015-846 Koreazomer2015-847 Koreazomer2015-856  Koreazomer2015-897 Koreazomer2015-915 Koreazomer2015-921  Koreazomer2015-928 Koreazomer2015-929 Koreazomer2015-948   Koreazomer2015-963Koreazomer2015-782


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