The dame and the dragon

Here are the results of two early mornings in a place called Torfbroek, not too far from Brussels. The first one is a dragonfly, the others are damselflies. If I find the time I will add the full names later.Torfbroek revisited-364   Torfbroek-120middelgroot Torfbroek-121middelgroot Torfbroek-38middelgroot Torfbroek-126middelgrootTorfbroek revisited-44 Torfbroek revisited-78 Torfbroek revisited-37Torfbroek revisited-299  Torfbroek revisited-85 Torfbroek revisited-96 Torfbroek revisited-481Torfbroek revisited-105  Torfbroek-11middelgroot Torfbroek revisited-234


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