Viroinval, part II: the macro-shots

Hey all,

Here is the second installment from the photo workshop I participated in last weekend in Viroinval in the south of Belgium. Al pictures taken with a Nikon D90 using the 105 Nikkor Macros lens, some on tripod but mostly not.

The next flower is called ‘muggenorchidee’ in Dutch, roughly translating in mosquito orchid.

I can’t decide what white balance to use for the next flower.Viroinval-195middelgroot Viroinval-196middelgroot

An attempt tot create some nice Bokeh-effectViroinval-199middelgroot Viroinval-187middelgroot

The next one is called ‘Slangenkruid’ or snake herb.Viroinval-210middelgroot

Viroinval-158middelgrootViroinval-139middelgrootViroinval-237middelgroot Viroinval-303middelgroot

Viroinval-164middelgrootViroinval-304middelgroot Viroinval-328middelgroot Viroinval-334middelgroot Viroinval-348middelgroot    Viroinval-389middelgroot Viroinval-393middelgroot  Viroinval-451middelgroot Viroinval-463middelgroot Viroinval-481middelgroot

And to end, some insects that could be found in between the beautiful flowers.Viroinval-378middelgrootViroinval-430middelgrootViroinval-352middelgroot

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