Workshop Viroinval, part I

Hi all,

I participated in a workshop on landscape and macro photography last Saturday and I wanted to share the results. I did feel humbled by the expensive material the other nine photographers brought but I got some good and cheap investment ideas, namely: a white umbrella, a compass and a pair of scissors 🙂

We started at 4,45 am so we got a very nice range of light throughout the photo workshop. In this first installment, I’ll stick to the ‘Fondry des Chiens’, basically a limestone formation cause by water infiltration and erosion. A sort of cave without the roof as it were.

Viroinval-3middelgroot Viroinval-11middelgroot

Looking at the people at the end of the picture gives you an idea of the size of the Fondry.Viroinval-61middelgroot Viroinval-70middelgroot Viroinval-498middelgroot Viroinval-528middelgroot  Viroinval-532-bewerktmiddelgroot


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