Cadzand part II

The photo workshop in Cadzand als led to some other interesting results. We started off in the dunes at around 17h, then slowly worked our way to the beach for some more traditional shots and then ended up taking long exposures at around 10.   Cadzand-81middelgroot

The salt water in the ground and the salty wind stunts the growth of the trees and leads to interesting tree shapes.Cadzand-157middelgroot Cadzand-139middelgroot

After the dunes we went down to the beaches trying to capture the late afternoon light.Cadzand-294middelgroot Cadzand-314middelgroot


Here are some of us in action, trying to capture the inlet into the Zwin, as seen in the picture below



Som more traditional dune shots.Cadzand-467middelgroot Cadzand-489middelgroot Cadzand-526middelgroot Cadzand-547middelgroot

Once in a while I fitted my 300 mm zoom lens and looked up 🙂Cadzand-664middelgroot

Cadzand-704middelgroot Cadzand-745middelgroot

Towards 9 pm the sunlight started to fade, bringing out the sand ripples even better.Cadzand-751middelgroot

an important thing to remember is that it’s best if you all stay on the same line when trying to take shots. 🙂Cadzand-752middelgroot Cadzand-754middelgroot Cadzand-806-bewerktmiddelgroot

The the sun went down and it was time to get the tripod in action. The long exposures lead to a ‘milky’ sea.Cadzand-847middelgroot Cadzand-849middelgroot Cadzand-851middelgroot Cadzand-871middelgroot Cadzand-872middelgroot Cadzand-873middelgroot


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