The art nouveau buildings of Riga

Latvia has the presidency of the European Union during the first half of 2017. One of the nice things that follow from that is that many people come and visit the city. I also went there a couple of weeks ago and brought back a couple of nice pictures from the old town (center) of Riga.

Apart from the center there ia another part of town that really merits your visit and that is the art nouveau part slightly outside the city center. It is full of impressively adorned buildings with typical art nouveau motifs and sumptuous facades.

The reason there are so many art nouveau buildings is that Riga was quite rich just when art nouveau peaked around the turn of the last century and the Russian rulers relaxed the building regulations so people could build more freely outside the city center.


Riga-356middelgroot Riga-372-bewerktmerged-2middelgrootRiga-357-bewerktmerged-2middelgroot  Riga-368-bewerktmiddelgroot  Riga-381-bewerktmerged-2middelgroot

The neighborhood where all this in buildings can be found is (not accidentally) the neighborhood where many of the embassies can be found. Below is the Belgian one.

Riga-387-bewerktmerged-2middelgroot Riga-384-bewerktmerged-2middelgroot

The one below was slightly worked on. 🙂Riga-399-bewerkt-bewerkt_tonemappedmiddelgroot

And here is a more subdued version of it.Riga-394-bewerktmerged-2middelgroot

And this one still needs some renovation I fear 🙂Riga-362-bewerktmiddelgroot

Outside the art nouveau quarter there are also interesting buildings as the ones below prove.Riga-153-bewerktmiddelgrootRiga-495middelgrootRiga-161-bewerkt-bewerkt_tonemappedmiddelgrootRiga-242-bewerktmiddelgroot


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