Ireland: the panorama pics

Here are some experiments with panorama shots, stitched together from multiple single exposures. Most of them were taken using a D90 on 200 ISO. Some gradient filters, perspective correction and some work on highlights and shadows have been done. I opted for halving the size (to roughly 2048 pixels wide) and I am curious to see how they show on different screens. As always thoughts re most welcome in the comments section.

All of these have been taken in Ireland and Northern Ireland.IerlandPasen-559-bewerktmiddelgroot IerlandPasen-286-bewerktmiddelgroot IerlandPasen-964-bewerktmiddelgroot IerlandPasen-1003-bewerktmiddelgroot IerlandPasen-1134-bewerktmiddelgroot IerlandPasen-1066-bewerktmiddelgroot IerlandPasen-1280-bewerktmiddelgroot


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