Fun with a snail (Yes it is possible!)

Most people would claim snails are the slow-witted, dumb and quite boring losers of the animal kingdom. Probably the kind of people who thinks flies are dirty and ugly. Those people are wrong and I found the proof in my garden, this afternoon!


Tuin-58-bewerktmergedmiddelgroot Tuin-65-bewerktmergedmiddelgroot Tuin-83-bewerktmergedmiddelgroot Tuin-93-bewerktmergedmiddelgroot Tuin-98-bewerktmergedmiddelgroot Tuin-99-bewerktmiddelgroot Tuin-101-bewerktmergedmiddelgroot Tuin-104-bewerktmergedmiddelgroot Tuin-113-bewerktmergedmiddelgrootTuin-13middelgrootTuin-29-bewerktmergedmiddelgroot


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