Vintage Brussels

I went to the Brussels vintage design market last Sunday. As I spent my last money on buying the entrance ticket I couldn’t actually buy anything but I took some nice pictures that I wanted to share with you.  The market was held in an old postal building complex called Tour en Taxis, named after the family that ran those postal services long ago. The building in itself actually deserves its own series 🙂


Vintage-34middelgrootVintage-76middelgrootVintage-72middelgrootVintage-37middelgroot Vintage-38middelgrootVintage-42middelgrootVintage-55middelgroot Vintage-46middelgroot Vintage-47middelgrootVintage-70middelgrootVintage-75middelgrootVintage-60middelgroot Vintage-51middelgrootVintage-1middelgrootVintage-7middelgrootVintage-18middelgrootVintage-19middelgrootAnd to end: some famous Brussels street art…Vintage-87middelgroot


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