Maldives – underwater

For the moment I do not have an underwater housing for my Nikon D90 so I had to resort to drastic means, i.e. using the iPhone 4 of my girlfriend. Below are some of the results.



For the next picture I fiddled around with the white balance settings. I am not sure I like the result 🙂Malediven-945middelgroot Malediven-966middelgroot Malediven-967middelgroot Malediven-968middelgroot Malediven-972middelgroot Malediven-973middelgroot

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a man with a reef hook does not need to fear sharks.

Malediven-1009middelgroot Malediven-1054middelgroot Malediven-1059middelgroot


Baby, come back. It was just a picture !Malediven-1146middelgroot

The Led Zeppelin school of fish.Malediven-1158middelgroot Malediven-1197middelgroot

Focussing is not always easy.

Malediven-1203middelgroot  Malediven-1303middelgroot Malediven-1306middelgroot Malediven-1307middelgroot

You can never have too many Man(ta) Ray pictures.Malediven-1308middelgroot Malediven-1311middelgroot Malediven-1329middelgroot Malediven-1333middelgrootMalediven-1337middelgroot Malediven-1579middelgroot Malediven-1602middelgroot Malediven-1626middelgroot


Now, if I only could remember where I left the boat…Malediven-1750middelgroot


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