Tropical adventures

A two week break diving in the Maldives produced the results below. Unfortunately no underwater housing yet so you’ll have to imagine the beautiful underwater pictures yourself 🙂



Malediven-200middelgroot Malediven-258middelgroot Malediven-267middelgroot Malediven-269middelgroot Malediven-258middelgroot Malediven-275middelgroot Malediven-291middelgroot

Malediven-298middelgroot Malediven-620middelgroot Malediven-625middelgroot   Malediven-129middelgroot Malediven-208middelgroot

Malediven-678middelgrootMalediven-890middelgrootMalediven-477middelgrootMalediven-393middelgroot Malediven-399middelgroot


And just to show tropical paradises are not all they are cracked up to be…



These last four pictures are taken with an ISO 3200 setting. Let’s see how well they will hold up online.Malediven-345middelgrootMalediven-359middelgrootMalediven-360middelgrootMalediven-363middelgroot


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