Some Zeeland landscapes

These pictures were taken during a diving trip last weekend. The weather was unpredictable with beautiful sunny moments followed by heavy downpours. The first three pictures were taken at a very famous bridge called unimaginatively the Zeeland Bridge. That is Zeeland as in Old Zealand instead of New Zealand. Literally ‘land of the sea’. Diving is one at the foot of the first and second bridge support, mostly just before tides change in the Scheldt River.

Duikweekend juli 2014-133kleinDuikweekend juli 2014-127klein

Duikweekend juli 2014-173klein




For some reason or other black and white picture always look so much more arty 🙂 Even when it is only a bridge.

Duikweekend juli 2014-121klein

Below is one of the sunnier moments captured.

Duikweekend juli 2014-104kleinDuikweekend juli 2014-80klein


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